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Who is Smith Investment Management?

Dave Smith "Smitty"
Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Smith Investment Management is an Independent Registered Investment Advisory Practice, that was founded by Dave Smith. Dave has over 30 years of experience in managing the investments of Individuals, Families, Corporations and Non-Profits. Prior to founding his Firm in 2006, Dave worked at Bank of America, and Edward Jones.

Fee-Only® services:

As a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory firm, Smith Investment Management provides 100% Fee-Only services. We do not sell insurance, annuities or products. We accept no commissions on products, referral fees or any other compensation from third parties.

Foundational Conversations: Our objectivity benefits you as the client, because we are 100% focused on the active, comprehensive management of your financial future.  Our compensation is a percentage of assets under management, and all retirement planning work is included in this fee schedule.

Advanced Conversations: If we are doing advanced risk mitigation work we charge a fee for analysis and comprehensive plans of action. 

Asset Custody: 

Our clients investment assets are held at TD Ameritrade (Scottrade) and BNY Mellon.

What makes us different?   We see opportunity in every season. Our core focus is helping our clients reach their goals regardless of what is going on in the world, regardless of the economic season we are in now or going into next. We do not want the attainment of our clients' goals dependent on only good economic times.

In our All Season Portfolio...we assume that we don’t know what happens next, because no one knows what happens next. We take an approach that is built for surprises in general, but not any particular surprise. We want to invest so we are prepared for any economic season.

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